what is a love hammer?

what is a love hammer?

what is a love hammer?

The love hammer, pictured here, is a clitoral stimulation vibrator with a versatile, hammer-shaped vibrator.

It is a very cute adult toy tailored for women.

Our goal is to put sex on top of human instincts to add joy to life.

Between partners or friends, I think it must be a very good surprise and a long-lasting topic.

Another point, please don't be misled by its appearance, it is a gentle and controllable toy. Use it for vaginal and clitoral pleasure.

All thanks to its design, pictured below.

love hamma

At the head of the hammer, we set up a vibrator motor, and our program allows the frequency of the vibrator to be adjusted, and there are 21 vibration modes to choose from.

When you use it, you will be shocked by its powerful power, and you can find a frequency you like in it.

We have set up 3 physical buttons, through which you can challenge different pleasures.

love hammer

At the handle of the hammer, we designed a slightly curved shape. So it can stimulate your g-spot, the same vibrator frequency, and we have taken some texture design to increase the aesthetic.

In a single package, we will give a usb charging cable, which is magnetic. You can charge it as long as you put it close. The advantage of this is that we don't need to open two small holes for charging. Thus affecting the waterproof performance.

hammer sex toy

How it works:

(1) Long press the “power button” activate the vibration mode, the lingh is always on;

(2) Shot press the first and the third button to switch the vibration modes:

The first button activates the hammer head vibration for intense clitoris thrills. The hammer head & rabbit ears both vibrate. And press the button to change between the 21 speeds for soft or harder play.

The third button activates the insertable shaft vibration. Press the button to change between the 21 different speeds for soft or harder play.

(3) Long press the “power button” to turn off the sweet hammer.

hammer vibrator

Product Name: Hammer Vibrator,

Color: pink

Material: Medical Silicone, Medical Silicone+ABS

Size: 283*38mm

Weight: 335g

Battery: Rechargeable Li-battery

Package Contents: hammer sex toy Instruction Manual, USB Charging Cable,

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