Discreet Delivery

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, so every item you order from Gawk3000 will be packed in a plain box. Whether it is the nosy neighbor, the gossip postman, the child who loves to tear packages, or the pet dog who loves to bite things, it is impossible to snoop on what is inside the package. You are the only one who is excited about the item in the package.

What will on the package?
If you ordered large-size or multiple items, we will package them with plain brown boxes; if you ordered lingerie or small-size items, we will package them with a padded bubble mailer.

There won't be any logos or product names on the box. The only markings on the package are your address and carrier label, and no reference to Gawk3000.

What if I have pesky roommates?
We will deliver on your door if you need. And we don't want the second one to know what's inside the box so that we will make sure it's convenient for you to answer the call once we need to confirm orders with you.

To void this embarrassment, we offer the delivery choice by Local Collect when you checkout from Gawk3000.

Still worried about how the parcel is going to look?
Pls have a look at sample parcels, they should give you a better idea.