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Official Banana Cleaner is the foremost brand for Original Banana Cleaner products. Our mission is to offer customers the ultimate Banana Cleaner Toy, ensuring an unparalleled sense of well-being. The Trouvaille Banana Cleaner stands as your gateway to an enhanced experience, featuring an incredibly lifelike true-touch design, delivering consummate satisfaction and versatility. Its innovative suction design adds an extra dimension to your pleasure.

 This versatile Banana Cleaner features an open-ended design, allowing you to use it in various ways. By focusing on the head, the sleeve can provide intense pleasure by stimulating the nerve endings around the head.

 The Male Banana Cleaner also has two lids, one at each end. You can keep one lid closed for shallow stimulation, or release it to replicate the sensation of a deep plunge. If you remove both lids, you can fully insert yourself for a more intense experience. Leaving one lid on while inserting creates a vacuum, resulting in a different and tighter sensation.

 The Banana Cleaner has an independent handle that is easy to hold and adjust to your posture. Its simple buttons are great for one-handed control.

 The product comes in 100% discreet packaging, without any sensitive wording or markings.

Banana Cleaning Toy: The inner lining of this massager is made of food-grade silicone safe material, which is soft and comfortable, and very durable. We strictly protect the privacy of our customers and will not print any product information on the outer packaging.

❤The open design makes it versatile enough to be used in different ways. By fully concentrating on the head, you can bring intense pleasure to the head as the sleeve really works on the nerve endings around the head.

❤ This banana cleaner has lids on both ends. Close one cap for shallow stimulation, then loosen the cap to replicate the effect of a deep dive. If you remove both caps you will be able to fully insert. If you put the other cap on while you insert it, you will create a vacuum that has a completely different and tighter feel.

❤ Independent handle, easy to hold: Its handle can easily adjust your posture, and the simple button is perfect for one-handed control;

❤ 100% Discreet Packaging - Unmarked packaging, without leaving any sensitive words.

❤USB Rechargeable: 700mAh lithium battery can last 100 minutes on a single charge. USB charging, safe and convenient


Material: ABS+TPE
The size is 260mm*62mm*84mm, and the bottom diameter of the connecting bracket is 38mm. Weight; 365 grams

Product List

Charging cable*1
Suction cup bracket*1
Instructions for use*1

Operation Manual

Press and hold the [Power button] for 2 seconds to turn on/off.
Short press the [Power button] to switch modes.
To avoid discomfort and injury from excessive friction, please add lubricant inside before use.

charge management

Low battery: The red indicator light is blinking and needs to be charged.
Charging process: the indicator light turns red.
Fully charged: the light turns blue.