dragon sucking and vibration: one-click orgasm, top material, completely waterproof

dragon sucking and vibration: one-click orgasm, top material, completely waterproof

Introduction: In the modern adult product market, the advancement of technology and the continuous evolution of user needs promote the continuous innovation and upgrading of products. The newly launched upgraded version of dragon sucking and vibration has made many improvements based on the suggestions of the majority of users, aiming to provide a better user experience for men. This article describes the upgrades to the product and the benefits it brings.

Part I: Product Upgrades and Improvements

"Upgrade Version-Glans Stimulator" (upgrade dragon vibration
) is a brand new and upgraded sucking toy. Based on the suggestions we have gathered from our customers, we have adjusted the size of the product so that more men with average to large range penises can better enjoy this sucking toy. In addition, we have added a one-click orgasm function to make it more convenient to use. Also, considering that some customers want to use the product in the shower, our new version has been upgraded in terms of waterproof performance.

Part Two: One-click orgasm function

This dragon sucking & vibration
It still maintains the characteristics of comfortable grip, and the one-button orgasm function is its very attractive feature. Just one-button operation, keep the vacuum pump still, it will continue to suck, just like a real oral sex, allowing you to orgasm instantly. In addition, the male masturbation cup has 7 suction modes and 7 vibration modes, which you can mix and match as you like, because they have independent buttons. This stimulator provides excellent stimulation to the head of the penis.

Part Three: Top Soft Elastic Material

This dragon tranning cup
Made of high-quality silicone material, soft and elastic. The silicone material not only has good waterproof performance, but also can be washed with running water for easy cleaning. We added massage particles inside the product to make it more comfortable when the masturbation device is vibrating, and at the same time, it is closer to the reality of oral sex when sucking on the masturbation cup.

Part Four: Fully Waterproof IPX7

Who can resist the thrill of being in the shower? dragon training cup
It is completely waterproof and can be used in the shower. This penis massager is magnetically charged (USB-C), it flashes white light when charging, and keeps white light on when fully charged. Its shape and design make the penis vibrator function very good, just like a real oral sex experience.

Part Five: One Year Warranty and Secret Delivery

We value our users' privacy and purchasing experience. Therefore, we provide discreet packaging to avoid embarrassment when receiving the product. At the same time, we provide a one-year warranty period, if you have any questions about the product, you can contact us at any time. We attach great importance to user experience and suggestions.


dragon training cup
It is an adult product with many advantages in one. By improving and upgrading based on user feedback, this product provides a better user experience. The one-touch orgasm function, top-of-the-line soft and elastic materials, fully waterproof design, and warranty and secret delivery policy all make this product an ideal choice for male masturbation. Whether used alone or enjoyed in the shower, it gives users a real and satisfying blowjob experience.


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