how to clean leten?

how to clean leten?

how to clean leten?

how to clean leten

how to clean leten?

Soft Meat Cleaning and Installation:

Carefully remove the sof
t stopper and rinse with room temperature water. During the cleaning process, avoid opening the soft plug and ensure that the water temperature does not exceed 45°C to avoid damaging the plug.

Once the cork is completely dry, reinsert it into the cup sleeve and adjust the position as needed. Snap the plug's slot securely into the clear cup sleeve.

Place the installed flexible plug into the center stand of the device. The soft recessed lid has snaps on both ends and can be placed on either side.

Once inserted, turn the clear cup sleeve clockwise until it locks firmly into place. (Tip: To remove, simply turn counterclockwise.)

how to use leten?

Cannon King Maintenance:

Up and down maintenance:
After use, carefully remove soft stopper and rinse with room temperature water. Air dry or pat dry with a lint-free towel. When cleaning, avoid opening the cork and avoid using water above 45°C to prevent any potential damage to the cork.

Once the cork is completely dry, place it back in the cup to reduce the risk of short circuiting or circuit damage.

When not in use, fully charge the device and store it at room temperature, away from heat sources and dust. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

If not used for an extended period of time, it is recommended to charge the device at least every three months to prevent potential battery degradation.

The cup itself is absolutely not allowed to be cleaned and absolutely no liquid is allowed to seep into the device. If liquid accidentally enters the cup shell, please wipe it clean in time.

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