male rose toy

how to use male rose toy?

how to use male rose toy?

rose toy for men

Operating Instructions:

Energize the Excitement: Make sure to juice up the battery to its full potential before diving into the action.

Vibe Variety: Hold down the "power/vibration" button to unleash the initial pulse, and give it another click to explore a symphony of sensations with 10 distinct vibration frequencies. Each click is a passport to a new realm of pleasure.

Spin to Win: Once the device is humming, hit the "rotation" button to set the rotations in motion. Click through 5 different frequencies, each unlocking a unique twist in the tale of delight.

Power Down Drama: Long press the power button when you've had your fill of ecstasy to gracefully power down the pleasure party.

After-sales Extravaganza:

Hold onto that golden ticket – your purchase receipt – to ensure a VIP entry into our after-sales world. You've got a 12-month golden ticket warranty! Encounter any quality glitches during this period? Reach out, and we promise a swift, top-notch service. But remember, if the product falls victim to user-induced calamities or unauthorized disassembly, our magic wand of quality assurance can't wave its spell.

This marvel of massage is a brainchild of the adult product innovation powerhouse. Patents? We've got plenty, both at home and abroad. The design, both in graphics and text, is our copyrighted masterpiece.

Handle with Care:

Sanitize & Sizzle: Before each rendezvous, treat the device to a spa day. Disinfect, scrub with warmth and antibacterial soap, and gently pat dry with a towel fit for royalty.

Lubricate with Love: Skip the oils, creams, cleansers, gasoline, and acetone as lubricants. Instead, let a specialized lubricant join the pleasure party.

Sharp Corners, No Play: If you spot any edgy surprises on the sleeve, abort mission! Safety first.

Solo Flight Only: This is your personal pleasure voyage; don't invite others aboard for health reasons.

Comfort is Key: If discomfort creeps in, hit the pause button immediately.

Post-Party Cleanup: After the grand finale, don't let the afterparty linger. Swiftly initiate a cleanup to keep bacteria at bay.

Adults Only Zone: Keep the treasure trove and its components away from curious kids and pets – it's a grown-up affair.

how to use rose toy?

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