what does gawk gawk 3000 mean?

what does gawk gawk 3000 mean?

what does gawk gawk 3000 mean? gawk gawk meaning?

Internet slang for blowjob

LOOK!!! Do it during or before sex. Often referred to as blowjob or BJ. It gets its name from the sound a woman's (or homosexual's) throat makes when she deep-throats. This is the kind of blowjob that will take your soul away.
Girl: Since you have always been a good boy, you deserve to be dumbfounded after 3000.

A blowjob that takes your soul away (in a good way). Usually, if executed properly, it only takes a few seconds for you to ejaculate. Often seen in hentai.
Chad: I wanted to fuck her until she couldn't walk, but she didn't want to.
kyle: you should ask gawk gawk 3000 dude


In 2022, it will still be a 360° rotating masturbation cup for men. Now it's become so popular that almost everyone wants to have it.

In the penis-sucking action, the sucker places one hand at the base of the penis and continues to suck hard, creating a vacuum seal, and then the sucker begins to deepthroat, turning the wrist twice. Rotate clockwise up and counterclockwise down. This action works best with large penises.
"Man, the best blowjob I've ever had, it's a vacuum sealed hands gawk gawk combo 3000. It's a toe curl!"

Telescopic Rotary Suction Male Masturbator-Gawk Gawk 3000 Sex Toys

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