what is a banana cleaner?

what is a banana cleaner?

trouvaille banana

The trouvaille banana cleaner is a well known retractable mascara for men. It is shaped like a handheld fan. In many videos, we use bananas to insert into the masturbation cup to avoid sensitive people. So it is called banana cleaner machine.

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banana cleaner hand-held masturbation cup is easy to carry, making it perfect for traveling.

trouvaille cleaner

The inside of the head part of banana cleaning is a small soft silicone ball for stimulation, which can stimulate the pudendal orgasm by stretching up and down at different frequencies.

The whole design of banana cleaner sex toy is more concise. For the convenience of use, we only set one button inside the fuselage. It integrates power and frequency switching together, which greatly reduces the use of learning.

banana cleaner for husband

The electric banana cleaner will be delivered with a usb charging cable as a gift. In order to further promote the waterproof effect, we set the charging place at the bottom of the handle and covered it with a rotating cover. If you want to charge, you need to open the bottom cover.

The body of the male banana cleaner is made of abs material plus soft silicone. Please clean it before and after using it and pay attention to hygiene.

Its parameters are listed below:

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Material: ABS+TPE
The size is 260mm*62mm*84mm, and the bottom diameter of the connecting bracket is 38mm. Weight; 365 grams

Product List

Charging cable*1
Suction cup bracket*1
Instructions for use*1

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