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BOBOTONGUE Pro - 3 in 1 Big Mouth Big Enjoy Tongue Shaped Licking Suction Stimulator

BOBOTONGUE Pro - 3 in 1 Big Mouth Big Enjoy Tongue Shaped Licking Suction Stimulator

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👄【3 in 1 Adult rose for women toy】A dual-action sex toy vibrator designed to take your pleasure to new heights! With its unique combination of a large mouth-shaped stimulator licker and a thrusting dildo , the adult toy will unleash a world of blissful sensations.Unleash the power of the Rose Sex Toy and embark on a journey of endless pleasure.

👄【Mouth-shaped stimulator with 9 Tongue Licking modes】Indulge in the extraordinary pleasure of the large mouth-shaped stimulator,The rose sex toy boasting 9 Tongue Licking. Experience the sensational caresses, gentle swirls, and intense rotations that simulate the pleasures of oral stimulation. Let this innovative design transport you to new realms of ecstasy.

👄【Rose Sex Toy with 6 thrusting modes】Immerse yourself in the powerful womens sex toy and thrusting modes of the shaft. With 6 thrusting modes, you can customize your experience to suit your desires. Explore deep and satisfying penetration or indulge in rhythmic pulsations that will leave you breathless.

👄【Big Mouth Sex Toys for Women】Experience the perfect fusion of sensations as the large mouth-shaped stimulator and thrusting dildo work in harmony. Let the tongue-like stimulator provide exquisite oral-like pleasure while the vibrator shaft fulfills your desires from within. This unique combination creates an unrivaled experience that will leave you craving for more.

👄【Body Safe Silicone & IPX7 Waterproof】Enjoy the luxurious feel of the soft and flexible silicone material. The sex machine velvety smooth texture enhances comfort during use, ensuring a pleasurable experience every time. Let the gentle touch of the silicone glide effortlessly across your skin, intensifying your pleasure.

👄【USB Magnetic Charging, Easy to Carry】Say goodbye to battery hassles with the convenient USB magnetic charging feature. Simply connect the included charging cable and enjoy endless hours of pleasure without interruptions. Stay fully charged and ready to explore your desires at any moment.

👄【Discreet Package & Lifetime Service】The adult sex toy couples vibrator is delivered in discreet packaging to ensure your privacy. The sexy toys is portable and the perfect couples sexy gifts for adult sex toys & games. We are committed to giving customers the best after-sales service, so if you are not satisfied with clitoralis nipple licker sexual toys and women toys, please contact us.

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