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Leten Green Bird Male Masturbator Cup

Leten Green Bird Male Masturbator Cup

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  1. Experience the electrifying synergy between two iconic actresses, Hatao and Takizawa, as they engage in sizzling interactions via our cutting-edge smart APP. Their every move and tantalizing quivers are faithfully replicated, ensuring an utterly authentic experience.

  2. With the APP's six sophisticated interactive modes, you have the power to control your pleasure remotely, delivering a world of sensations at your fingertips.

  3. Powered by our top-tier chip, immerse yourself in the lifelike sensation of having both actresses take the reins in an unforgettable ride. With intense vibrations and six innovative play modes, the intensity of pleasure is yours to command.

  4. Brace yourself for an extraordinary surge of sensation that radiates from its epicenter to the farthest reaches of your body. Achieving a staggering 11,000 revolutions per minute, the precision and potency of the vibrations are unmatched.

  5. Our meticulously designed product features an authentic vulva, crafted with Lei Lei's specialized memory soft gel. As you delve deeper, you'll discover that the actress's vulva is intimately connected to a breathing channel, resulting in an increasingly tight embrace with each thrust.

  6. Enjoy a genuine auditory experience as you listen to recorded sessions of these actresses' intimate moments. All this, wrapped in an endearing bird-inspired design, and powered via convenient USB charging.

  7. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a one-year warranty, and if ever needed, we offer hassle-free replacements. Your pleasure journey begins here.

  8. Color specifications: military green
    Packaging: color box
    Barcode: Hatano Yui model 6920995496654 Takizawa Lola model 6920995496661 Material: ABS, TPE
    Accessories list: packaging box, instructions, lubricant, charging cable, warranty card, anti-counterfeiting label.
    Product size: φ76*180mm
    Packing size: 82*82*188mm
    Product net weight: 0.36kg
    Number of motors: 1
    Motor model: N20 motor
    Speed: 9000rpm
    Motor life: 120h
    Vibration mode: 10 frequencies
    Battery capacity: 500mah lithium battery
    Charging voltage: 5V
    Discharge time (1st gear, 1st speed): more than 45 minutes
    Rated voltage: 3.7V
    Rated current: ≤300mA
    Power supply method: type-c charging
    Maximum noise: ≤65db
    User group: People over 18 years old
    Anti-counterfeiting verification: There is an anti-counterfeiting label on the outer packaging box, just scan the QR code
    Production date: see outer packaging
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